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From (Place) To (Place) Distance (Kms) Driver Time (approx)
Thimphu Paro 55 kms 1 hours & 30 mins
Thimphu Phuentsholing 170 kms 6 hours
Phuentsholing Bagdogra (India) 170 kms 4 hours
Thimphu Wangdue Phodrang 70 kms 3 hours
Thimphu Punakha 71 kms 3 hours
Punakha Wangdue Phodrang 23 kms 45 mins
Wandue Phodrang Trongsa 129 kms 4 hours & 30 mins
Trongsa Bumthang 68 kms 2 hours & 30 mins
Bumthang Mongar 193 kms 7 hours
Mongar Lhuentse 75 kms 3 hours
Mongar Trashigang 91 kms 3 hours & 30 mins
Trashigang Chorten Kora 51 kms 2 hours
Trashigang Samdrup Jongkhar 180 kms 6 hours & 30 mins
Samdrup Jongkhar Guwahati (India) 101 kms 3 hours
Samdrup Jongkhar Phuentsholing 356 kms 9 hours

The mode of transport within Bhutan is by motor vehicles only. There are no domestic airlines or trains. Motor roads are well maintained and the main highway runs from west to east connecting all major sightseeing places. Traffic is rarely heavy, but the hilly terrain and snaky road restrict the average speed of vehicles to 40 km/hour. Even then every bend in the trail reveals more, much more, many more stunning scenery!

How to prevent Motion Sickness

There are several ways to minimize the possibility of contracting motion sickness on the winding mountain roads of Bhutan. A combination of the following preventative measures should ensure that motion sickness does not occur.

  • There are non-prescription medications that can be taken to prevent the sickness. Unfortunately, nearly all of them tend to cause drowsiness, especially in sensitive individuals. Marezine seems to be the least sleep-inducing & also the most effective. In addition, as an alternative to drugs, there are ginger capsules which can also help but does not induce sleep (these are available in health food stores). Any of these medications should be taken as least one hour prior to traveling & again as needed throughout the day’s travel.
  • If possible, get some fresh airs blowing on your face. Mid-way stops for fresh air & walking around can also be helpful.
  • It helps if you focus on an object in the vehicle or keep your eyes on a steady point in the distance. Don’t watch the scenery rush by.