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Sorwa Bhutan Travels is an officially recognized and licensed travel company based in Thimphu-capital city of Bhutan. We are an inbound tour company of Bhutanese people devoted to create a remarkable travel experiences that go beyond the basic sightseeing. We know that you traveled all the far way to visit Bhutan and it is our mission to make every trip an unforgettable travel experience.

On our trips, you will feel and see the true face of unique culture and indigenous traditions as the native. You can compare our trips with others being offered, as there are so many similarities like trekking routes, cultural tour and only a national highway connecting different homes of the country. However, if you go deeper you will see lots of advantages and differences we offer.

SBT is managed by group of Bhutanese teams who have hiked all the trails and visited each and every remote corner of the country and has wide knowledge of our history, culture and religion. Keeping in mind, just organizing a tour is half of our promises. Providing quality service, flexibility and treating as you deserve is the other half of the deal.

We also specialize in creating private trips for groups of friends, colleagues and family. You will see the true value in the personal service we provide and the knowledge we apply to design private custom trips. In addition to the trip listed here, we also offer many other special trips including few uncommon trips.

To exceed the expectations of our individual guests is an ultimate GOAL of Sorwa Bhutan Travels.

Sorwa Bhutan Travels Commitments

We are in this business because of people like you who believes to travel with us. With a sense of deep gratitude, we strive to ensure that you have the most memorable experience in our country. Running a trip is only half of our promises. Providing quality service, authentic experiences and treating as you deserve is the other half of the deal. We offer our service based on customer satisfaction so we help you plan, prepare and enjoy any Bhutan trip. To go beyond the expectations of our guests in every way possible is our ultimate Goal.

You will receive an honest service from honest Tour Operator when you choose Sorwa Bhutan Travels!

Discover the rare opportunity and Partner with Sorwa Bhutan Travels in simple ways…


As an individual you can form a group of your family, friends and colleagues to travel to Bhutan and avail the benefits of discounts and free trip with Sorwa Bhutan Travels.


Bhutan is peaceful nation in the Himalayas with lush vegetation around. By traveling to Bhutan you can relive from all sorts of work stress. So come for vacation or holidays to refresh yourself and your employee from all the pressure of work at home.

Travel/Tour Company

If you are planning to sell your holidays and vacations to Bhutan. Join our hands to earn something win-in-win basis with just a little effort and time in long term business. We assure you the best vacation and holiday where no other travel agent does. Now start organizing trips to Bhutan with us, as this is a great opportunity to reward employees, members and customers with an unforgettable travel experience in an extraordinary country.

Why Travel and Sell Trips to Bhutan

Bhutan has become a widely admired, high-end travel destination. Travel Magazine called it, “The Last Best Place on earth”. Bhutan follows a tourism policy based on middle path – sustainable development. By going along with this balanced path, Bhutan will remain an exclusive and sought after travel destination for a long time. We invite travel agents, corporations and individuals to partner with us to take advantage of this uncommon opportunity and start organizing trips to this magical place with minimum amount of effort