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Bhutan needs no introduction as a “must-visit” travel destination with its rich culture and breathtaking scenery. There are many reviews which will raise your expectation as you prepare for that life changing trip.

So I was really blessed to have Sonam and Kesang from Sorwa Bhutan Travel as my Travel Guides during my 10 days in Bhutan.

Sonam never cease to amaze me with his wealth of knowledge of Buddhism and though I know next to naught, is ever patient in his sharing. He always found ways to vary our experience, whether it is sitting down with the monks during the prayer session or arranging a meditation session in the peaceful temple.

Kesang was the man of the trip – lightening our load during every trek and transporting us safely from point to point.

Thank you for the attentiveness and care that you have shown during my Bhutan adventure. The trip was thoughtfully planned and has well exceeded my expectation. I still find myself going through my Bhutan travel photos and grinning from ear to ear even today. My time in Bhutan is undeniably the best trip I have taken thus far.

So my dear friends Sonam and Kesang – take care and I hope to see u in Bhutan again, soon!!

Wendy Choong & Yvonne Chia