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The traditions of most countries in this world are artificially preserved for tourists only. But in Bhutan, you can see and feel the distinct culture and tradition. This Self-reliant kingdom proudly stands with its unique heritage. Being manifestations of living culture, arts and crafts are practiced and ceremonies and festivals are performed because they continue to have a religious and spiritual significance.

Bhutan has been isolated from the world for many centuries, it’s sacred towering mountains and spiritual Buddhist culture make remarkable journeys. Our Bhutanese tour guide with in-depth knowledge of local culture will help you to experience and understand the true Bhutanese way of life. Explore and interact with local people to learn the meaning and how the living art of weaving, painting, sculpting, wood carving and many other crafts were creating. Drive from one valley to another visiting dzongs, monasteries, isolated villages and it’s people. Visit or stay at the homes of Bhutanese family to experience and get close look of the unique Bhutanese culture. Any of our Bhutan trip is an incredible immersion into Bhutanese culture, where daily life itself is a form of art.

Important Note

Most of our trips take place during the busy and festival season so it is difficult to secure reservations on Druk Air and Hotels in every places. The farther in advance that you book, the more likely it will be that we can confirm the reservation you choose. We request you to book as far in advance as possible but do not hesitate to contact us at the last minute if free time suddenly comes your way.