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Altitude: 1830m

Trashiyangtse is about 2 and half hours drive from Trashigang. Trashiyangtse also has many sacred places and other interesting places to see. It also offers exciting trekking opportunities and is one of the locations where the black-necked cranes migrate to.

Gomkora Lhakhang

The famous Gomkora lhakhang is located here. This Gomkora lhakhang was visited by the great saint Guru Rinpoche where he subdued evil spirits. You will find a small meditating cave of Guru Rinpoche. There is whole lot of myth surrounding this place and it is worth hiring a local guide for interpretation.

Chorten Kora

This chorten is similar to Chendepji chorten. Every year, this place hosts two religious festival and the people from Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India also come for the festival. The chorten is surrounded by many small prayer wheels.

The old Dzong

Trashi Yangtse has a new Dzong which was built very recently. The old Dzong which is located on a hill just above the river is used by the monastic body.

Bomdeling valley

Bomdeling valley is about 2-3 hours walk from Trashi Yangtse town. This is another place where the Black Necked cranes migrate to. The walk to Bomdeling valley is very easy as you will not have to climb up or descend.

National Institute of Zorig Chusum

This institute was opened in 1997 to provide opportunities in vocational training. Just like the painting school in Thimphu, this institute also trains students in arts and crafts. This institute is located just above the hospital.