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Altitude: 1900m

Zhemgang is considered on of the most inaccessible Dzongkhag in the country with most of its Gewogs still situated far from road heads. Based on existing land use patterns, Zhemgang can be divided into three agro-ecological Zones: upper Khyeng which is characterized by high altitudes and infertile soil on steep slopes; Middle Khyeng which is the most accessible part of the Dzongkhag with good irrigation facilities and where people have begun to specialize in farm production aimed at generating cash income and Lower Khyeng which consists of four southern Gewogs and is characterized by relatively fertile soil but has limited irrigation facilities. Its farming system is largely based on shifting or Tseri Cultivation.

Zhemgang has a total area of 2,411 sq.km with altitude ranging from 100m to 4520m. The Dzongkhag has eight Gewogs which includes Bardo, Bjoka, Goshing, Nangkor, Nangla, Phangkhar, Shingkhar and Tong.

Places of Interest

Zhemgang Dzong was founded by Lama Zhang Dorje Dakpa. In 1963, it was renovated and renamed as Druk Dechen Yangtse Dzong. It is the oldest religious structure in Zhemgang which houses seven Lhakhangs.

Buli is legendary remote villages about 3 hours drive from Zhemgang.