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11 Nights | 12 days


  • Deluxe, outfitted high altitude roundtrip trek
  • Visit and camping in remote villages including Laya
  • Cultural touring and sightseeing in 5 different districts of Bhutan; visit ornately carved, splendidly painted ancient Buddhist monasteries, Dzongs (fortress-monasteries)
  • Breathtaking scenery and possibility of rare wildlife sightings
  • Spellbinding Taktshang (Tigress’s Nest) monastery.

This invigorating trekking adventure offers Bhutan at its best. On this trek, we will be rewarded with close-up views of Mt. Masagang (7,200m/23616’) – and the unique and mystical culture of Laya, one of the remotest yak herder’s settlement areas. People call their land Beyul, the hidden paradise of yak herders. Laya’s  natural beauty offers some of the world’s most dramatic scenery. The 7,200 meter Masagang summit rises as guardian high above the valley. Women in Laya keep their hair long, dress in robes made from the wool of goats, sheep and yaks and wear their distinctive conical bamboo hat, which gives them a unique appearance. Lives of Layaps (people of Laya) and other villages in this region are centered on their yaks. The yak butter, cheese and meat are exchanged for food and provisions. The yak hair is spun into the fabric for tents, ropes, clothes and blankets. The yak dung is collected to be burned for warmth and cooking.

Important Note

Most of our trips take place during busy and festival season so it is difficult to secure reservations on Druk Air and Hotels in every places. We request you to book as far in advance as possible to confirm the reservation you choose and do not hesitate to contact us at the last minute if free time suddenly comes your way.

Trip Duration 12 days
Trekking Days 6 days
Trekking Grade Difficult
Season April to June & September to November
Min. Group Size 2 participants

12 Day Moderate Touring & Rigorous Trekking

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Paro
  • Day 2: Paro to Punakha/Wangdi Phodrang

Trek Begins

  • Day 3: Gasa Camp
  • Day 4: Gasa to Koina or Riverside Camp (Distance: 14 km; 6-7 hours)
  • Day 5: Riverside camp to Laya (Distance: 19 km; 6-7 hours)
  • Day 6: Layover day at Laya
  • Day 7: Laya to Riverside Camp
  • Day 8: Riverside Camp to Gasa/Hot Spring

End of the Trek

  • Day 9: Gasa/Hot Spring to Thimphu
  • Day 10: Thimphu sightseeing
  • Day 11: Thimphu to Paro
  • Day 12: Depart by Druk Air

Choosing a Trek by Trip Rating

Important Note

Anyone who does not have problem with all day hike should find our easy treks manageable and anyone with backpacking experience with good shape generally should have no trouble with a difficult trek.

Trekking Grade: Difficult

Physically more challenging and more suited to regular hill walkers who are used to extended days and who are competent over difficult terrain. The trek involves several days of camping at high altitudes.

Trip Overview:

Moderate Touring with Moderate to Difficult Trekking Adventure
Trekking (with only a light daypack) 4-7 hours per day over varying terrain.

Lodging Overview:

7 nights tent camping during trek and 6 nights in best available hotels and resorts on double occupancy basis with private bath


Our selected hotels and restaurants offer delicious Chinese, continental, Bhutanese and Indian Cuisine. On trek, well trained cooks prepare dishes suitable to western taste ranging from Continental to Chinese and Bhutanese to Indian.