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The program, which Sorwa Bhutan Travels designed for us, was perfectly balanced in terms of cultural and religious sightseeing and opportunities to get closer to nature. We were able to visit many old temples, monasteries and even witness some authentic Buddhist rituals, which you can’t possibly see in a modern western world. In spite of our different religion, we were accepted with a smile everywhere we went and no prejudice was shown.

When it comes to nature, we were truly lucky, given the season of our stay (August), which would normally be characterized with heavy rain falls and no wildlife to observe whatsoever. My family and I were given the possibility to go on some beautiful short walks and treks, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the birds chirping and even defining some of them with the help of our jolly guide Sonam. We even saw some wild Langurs and Macaques along the road.

Each and every hotel we were received at was wonderful- starting from Thimphu and ending in Paro. We were warmly welcomed everywhere and the hospitality was incredible. What’s more, the food we were served at breakfast and dinner was delicious, mostly Bhutanese-style and more than you could ever wish for in a place such as this. Our family especially enjoyed the hotels in Trongsa and Bumthang and we highly recommend those regions as a whole.

The car we were traveling in was comfortable and spacious, with enough room for the three of us and our luggage. Fortunately, it turned out to be passable even through the bumpiest and muddiest roads under reconstruction during the monsoon season. Our driver Sonam was very skilled and careful, managing to safely go round every possible obstacle on the road such as cows, horses, etc.

In conclusion, we are happy to say this was one of the best trips in our life and we would certainly go back again and again, given the possibility. This Himalayan kingdom stole a part of our hearts and it will forever reside there, among the legends and mysteries, the spirits and deities.

Yana, Albena, Mancho